Weekend Wanderings: Dvorak’s New World Symphony


Before Christmas Keltin and I went to see a performance by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra: John William’s Christmas. Having loved it so much we decided that we needed to go to some more shows at the Meyerson. The first of which was Dvorak’s New World Symphony. Of course the New World Symphony is not the only thing preformed.

Before taking our seats in the performance hall there was a Performance Prelude in the main lobby. The short performance was by the Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy Glee Club and they sang a cappella. And sounded quite wonderful.

The Dallas Symphony performed three pieces and I loved all of them. Each movement reminded me of different thing.

We had awesome seats.

The first piece performed was Orawa by Kilar and the whole piece was strings and performed beautify. It brought to mind horses running on a beach with manes and tails flowing in the breeze; riders riding bareback and laughing just at the joy of the day.

The second piece was Concerto No. 2 in F minor for Piano and Orchestra by Chopin. This piece was in three movements: Maestoso, Larghetto, Allegro vivace. Movement one put me in mind of summer storms; some gentle and warm while others were torrential downpours with thunder and high winds. The second movement put me in mind of reading in the sun on a patio, a book full of adventure. And the final movement put in mind of a day in the life of a bird. Light but with potential dangers but sweet overall.

I got the pianists autograph:
Concerto No. 2 in F minor for Piano and Orchestra

After Intermission was what we had been waiting for Symphony No. 9,  in E minor, “From the New Word” by Dvorak. This whole piece was phenomenal. Keltin’s favorite of the four movements are one, three and four. The second movement is gentler but I’ll get to that more in a moment. Movement one: Adagio – Allegro molto brought to mind climbing mountains, scaling difficult peaks and dropping down into gentle valleys but all rewarding in the end. Movement two is called Largo and it was a gentle river. Winding ever on through deep polls in bright forests or fields of wild flowers, over a waterfall and ever and on to the sea.

Scherzo: Molto vivace is the third movement and for me it seemed a new city. A golden opportunity, a new dawn full of promise. Music soaring and tinkling with bells. The final movement: Allegro con fuoco put me in mind of adventure. Children at play pretending to be in an epic story; flying with Han Solo in Star Wars or riding with the Rohirrim in Lord of the Rings.

If you ever get the chance to see New World symphony in concert I would highly suggest going, the performance is magical. If you have not see it I would love to hear your thoughts on it. What is your favorite symphony to see live?

Because ticket stub pictures are a must.

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